The Moodies have been a big part of this whole families lives. George first saw them in 70, Carol in 84, (with George), and Nathan's first in 96. We have every CD published in the US, All vinyl albums published in the US, many 45s, and tons of collectibles. George and Carol have traveled to Vegas, KC, Dallas, Tulsa, OKC and Robinsonville/Tunica to see the boys. George also has seen them at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. In all our travels a big part of the joy is meeting the fans. John Lodge is so right in saying that we all carry that spirit, that seems to have been born in the 60's, of love. Lovely to have seen you, and thanks for walking with us to that next bend!

George's first show, wished I would have saved ticket stubs back then. From this point onward, I new they were special. Had seen all the major rock shows by that time, and nothing compared.

Memories: Hendrix was playing there around that time, I only had enough money to see either him or the Moodies, I just figured I catch Hendrix the next time around, of course, there was no next time. After the show fog had settled in, We all commented we had been taken to heaven and were travelling back down to Earth through the clouds. Met Linda Madden in 97 from a classified ad in Higher & Higher Fan magazine. She had attended  this show, also she swears it was 69, who knows? She remembers Mike Pinder 'flirting' with her from the stage.

"The Moody Blues are the positive rock band's

positive rock band."


"Positive Music"

George's 2nd show, had front row seats, cannot remember who I was with.

George's 3rd show, I think I was with my first wife? She's not around to ask.

George's 4th show, Again can't remember exactly who I was with,(first wife already gone)

Memories: Patrick Moraz had just joined, awesome keyboards. A breath of fresh air, considering disco at that time, Of course we can say that about any music the Moodies released, during a certain time.

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