We've never really been big country music fans; at least we did not think we were until going to Nashville. Stayed at the Hilton, a great spot nestled between the Country Music Hall of Fame and Broadway where all of the bars seemed to be lined up with aspiring country artists singing and hoping for that big break.

Toured the Hall of Fame and was pleasantly surprised and really impressed with it. Seeing a video of Tennessee Ernie Ford reminded me of going to my Great Grandparents home at a very young age and they would play his gospel music for me on their record player. It was interesting to see a display of Jimi Hendrix in the hall, being a hometown boy of Nashville. Touring the hall really made me realize, that I was raised on country music and did not know it. Seeing the old Porter Wagner and Buck Owens TV show displays reminded me of very early days, sitting in front of the TV with family. I guess you can't live in Oklahoma and not grow up being part of it.

Paid for a tour of the Ryman, had the picture made standing on the stage, and was wondering what the night had in store for us.

Stopped in the "Legends Bar" and listened to a fella that sang his heart out. Nathan suggested we leave him a good tip, understanding that he was paying his dues and hopeing for that big break. We had really planned on going to the Wildhorse to meet up with some other Moody fans, but the drizzle discouraged us from walking that far, and opted to go back to the room and get ready for an awesome evening. We really were looking forward to meeting everyone

This show really was a treat. In fact Nathan said he enjoyed
Moody Bluegrass "live" much better than the CD, and I tend to agree with him. The impressive thing of it all was the talent, and to see our favorite band up there, what appeared to be, having the time of there lives. It was great fun taking our Oklahoma Vanity "Moodies" License tag to the show. On the back we put a little note thanking Randey, David and the band for the tribute and gift of music that has been given to us. Carol went to the front during the encore and handed it to Randey.
It really was a great weekend, and I do not think I would have put Nashville on our places we wanted to go too list, but I'm really glad we experienced it all

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