George's 5th show, with girlfriend Lisa Kay, LDV Tour, magical night!

Memories: Lisa Kay ;-) her first show-addicted, Ray singing Veteran Cosmic Rocker

George's 6th show, with girlfriend Carol (wife now) her 1st show, The Present Tour

Memories: Ex girl friend Lisa Kay running up kissing and hugging me in front of Carol, saying "I knew you would be here George!". From that Moody Magic Moment on, Carol knew she had to become a Moody Fan! ;-) Carol's first show-addicted. Justin's 'Running Water" was superb!

George's 7th show, with wife Carol, friends, Gene & Donna, TOSOL Tour

Memories: Stayed at the Hyatt, it was glamorous. John's "I'm gonna Rock n Roll Over You" did just that.

Gene & Donna's first show-addicted

George & Carol went with Gene & Donna again

Memories: some how Donna wound up on George's shoulders down front. Donna was going for Justin! Pic here was taken by Linda Madden at the same show, still did not meet her till 97. Notice the padding on the stage barrier, I remember having my face crammed in that during "Ride my SeeSaw" with some crazed woman on my shoulders (not my wife) ;-)

George was alone

Memories: Was on business in Wichita, drove to KC with out ticket, walked up to box office and got a front row seat in front of Ray. Moody Magic! Of course you are never alone at a Moodies show, the fans around me were great!

George with Carol

Memories: Partying at the new Hard Rock Café in Dallas, harping at the DJ to play the Moodies.

Moody Blues--A Fan Anthology

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