George & Carol with Mark & Cindy

Memories: Had picked up a laminated 'staff' pass from the LDV tour somewhere and was wearing it. A fan walked up to me and was asking all about the Moodies assuming I was 'Staff'. I answered all his questions, just like I was 'Staff'. (God, please forgive me) Took car tag to show. Mark & Cindy's first show-addicted.

George & Carol, Mark & Cindy

Memories: These pics were taken by Carol. We were on the front row in OKC, March '92. This was called the Theater Tour. They played the Civic Center which is a wonderful setting for sound. The set list revolved around the  Keys Of The Kingdom album. One highlight was Justin coming out after intermission, playing only with Bias on keyboards, Forever Autumn. BEAUTIFUL! Took car tag to show.


George & Carol, Mark & Cindy, Chuck & Mark

Memories:  Very upclose & personal, the band playing Justin's "The Actor", meeting all the fans, the entire holiday was worth every penny spent, (and gambled), took our car tag. Chuck & Mark's first show-addicted. Saw George Carlin the next night  at Bally's. It's flashback time!

Moody Blues--A Fan Anthology

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