George Alone in New York City!

Memories: I was traveling the East Coast with a business associate, knowing the Moodies were at the Music Hall, but not sure of what our daily schedule would be. I had my Okla. Tag in the briefcase, just in case. The Moody Magic kicked in and it all worked out. See the Article for more details. Hearing John's 'Emily's Song' brought tears to my eyes, wishing the family was there. This venue still ranks up at the top with my encounters for the best 'sound'. A woman sitting behind me said she was the Moodies publicist and asked me tons of questions because of the tag. Got handed a H&H card and immediately subscribed, did not know of them until this point.

George & Carol, &  a dozen friends & neighbors!

Memories: FINALLY won back stage passes to meet J&J, See the article. Still have not met Graeme and Ray, but of course, there is always tomorrow. Obviously the thrill of a lifetime. We all had our blue glow sticks. After the show, just about to go to bed, I look out the front window and our neighbors had all hung them in a tree in front of our house. What a way to end one of the most exciting evenings of our lives

George, Carol, & Nathan

Memories: This was Nathan's first show, we had our car tag. A fan & his family walked up and wanted to take a pic of us & the tag. This had happened before to us, but this guy was such a sincere fan.

George, Carol & Nathan, The McClemore Family

Memories: Nathan really enjoyed this one, we had better seats and of course the show rocked. Took our car tag. It was the McClemore families first-addicted

George & Carol, Linda & Jeanne, Eddie & the tag

Memories: Meeting Linda and Jeanne at the American Bandstand Restaurant in KC. Eddie's first-addicted. This 25 year old could not believe that the Moodies could ROCK.

George & Eddie, Linda & Jeanne, the McLemore's, the tag

Memories: Meeting a ticket scalper in the lot that upgraded us to the 4th row for $10.00 a tic. The Moody Magic hit again!

Moody Blues--A Fan Anthology

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