George & Carol, Eddie & Linda, the car tag

Memories: Unbelievable! These shows by far are our personal favorites. Bluesville was a general admission venue. Carol, Linda & friends were sitting at the doors all day, both days. The stage was small (advantage fan), the front row seats were close (we could have touched them) and the interaction between the Moodies and us was something to treasure. They fed off us, we fed off them, and this led to 2 incredible shows . You could yell, and they could hear you, we could here them sing directly, I actually gained new respect, to a band that obviously already had all my respect. We met new friends that we already felt we had known a lifetime. Our breakfast with Linda, Deb, (George & Carol) was magic. In fact the whole holiday was Moody Magic. The Venue would not let cameras in. Bummer!

George & Carol, Linda & Jeanne, and Tunica Buddies, the car tag

Memories: Went ahead and got scalped for these seats, but we all knew it wouldn't be Tunica again. Our son Nathan was mad cause Mom would not let him skip school to come. The new songs live were better than we could imagine.

George & Carol, Deb, Debra & Linda, & bunches of Moody Sibs, the car tag

Memories: George enjoying the Hard Rock with 3 beautiful Moody women! George trying to drive Dallas

with 3 women! George & Carol meeting a fan that remembered them from an OKC show in 91. The car tag gave us away. Nathan mad again cause mom would not let him skip school to go.

Moody Blues--A Fan Anthology

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