Many fans are questioned, 'How can you go see the Moodies night after night, same show after same show?' At this point, the most we had seen the Moodies in one tour was twice, had this great opportunity to go for 4, and thought we ( I ) would find out the answer for myself. Of course it never fails, Carol could not leave for that length of time, so with permission from her, I set out on the journey with several Moodie ladies.  I was not disappointed.

George, Linda, Debra, the car tag

Memories: We all met in OKC and headed West. Did not know what to expect, not a big turnout, but fans there were great, somebody wanted our picture with the tag. We were invited to an after party from fans we had just met, but refrained. I had a Moodie T-shirt on while leaving the hotel the next day and was asked if I went to see the famous bull called "Moody Blue". Yes, the Moodies and us really DID DO Amarillo. 

George, Linda, Debra, Deb, the car tag

Memories: Deb met up with us. Linda and Debra had bought Broker tics, Deb and I went without, hoping for the best, The scalpers that night were busted and many seats were turning up in the box office at regular price. We all had great seats. Before the show, we caught Bias taking a picture of us from the side of the stage, it seems Bias had a new digital camera. The show was awesome and so was the after party at the Hard Rock (THANKS AGAIN PBAUB),... once we got there….I promise the World never to drive in Dallas again. (I do not know why the Hard Rock is so hard to find in Dallas). Met with Tracy, Paul, Gordon and several dozen fans. Bought Tracy's new album and was not disappointed.  Check the pic out with her and I…. I did not know I could smile that large ;-) Of course that was just after having 2 beautiful Moody Ladies on my lap !!!

George, Linda, Debra, Deb, Lee, the car tag

Memories: Terrible theater, great show and a great time afterwards. We had all settled in for dinner, was just finishing up and saw John headed for the bar. Of Course we were headed there for an after dinner drink also ;-) With John was Bias, Tracy and some others from the entourage. John is a gentleman. During the course of the evening dozens of people spoke to John and he was very nice and compensating to each and every fan. I had John's album 'Natural Avenue' that I had bought Carol and really had to resist having it signed, instead, I hoped that Carol could do it tomorrow night. Tracy hooked up with the house band and was going to sing a few tunes with them. She came over to the table and asked us if we would move over to a closer table to give her moral support, what a great time. Check the picture out here on the left, yes it is Bias with his new digital camera, standing on a chair, taking pics of Tracy, and John speaking with a fan. The Ladies went on up to the room afterwards and I went to the casino for some gambling. To my surprise, the security would not let me up. I had to call the room and it was Lee to the rescue, shouting from the elevator something about getting to the room at a decent hour. What a great way to end a great evening, It was just like having my wife with me ;-)

Moody Blues--A Fan Anthology

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