The next day we are packed and I am exhausted. I do not know how the Moodies do it. Carol tells me to put the NA album in the car, and I tell her 'No, not yet.' We are waiting at the entrance for Eddie. Carol says she is headed for the restroom, and I jokingly tell her she had better not or she will miss her opportunity. Sure enough, I look out and there is John on the front walk, waiting for his ride. I go to the Lady's restroom and summoned Carol. She gracefully approaches John and of course the conversation begins with all of us. John wanted to know where we were from, what we did for a living, golf, etc. What a great guy. We thanked him for his music and sharing his 'life' with us and told him how much we loved him. He said that it really means a lot to him especially when he is up in the middle of the night wondering if anyone will listen to his music he is working on.  What a wonderful way to end our mini tour.

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Thanks Bill Wilburn for use of the photos

Almost a decade later, The Moodies return to my hometown and play in the $52 million totally revamped sold out Civic Center. What a wonderful setting for a totally wonderful show that I needed to hear, and frankly Oklahoma City has yearned for. We all have obtained battle scars of sorts during this time period, and hearing a message of love and hope, in this revamped theater, created for me a new beginning, and no doubt a new beginning for the band.

The Moodies with one less friend to play with, performed all the 'right' songs, but there were definite moments of void. God Bless You Ray, come see us when you get the chance, I know where all the great fishing holes are.

Merlin cast his spell, and there were so many friends to see. Linda, I love you, thank you for getting us some great tickets, giving us some great memories, and I am so glad that the journey continues with you. Our 13-year-old son, Nathan sat between Carol and I. We could not quite figure out why Nathan was getting off to such a slow start at the beginning of the show, then I noticed 2 girls setting behind us, very close to Nathan's age. Into the show, the Father leaned over to one of the girls and said "Tuesday, here is your song!" And of course, what other reply would you expect to hear but ''oh Dad, pllllleasssssse!!!!!" and of course, Nathan missed none of this. As the show continued, so did the groove of all the 13-year-olds involved.

We have had our MOODIES Oklahoma car tag now for well over a decade and have had loads of fun taking these vanity tags with us to different shows. Over the years we have given the band these tags, and that night was no different. On the back of the tag we placed a picture of us and a little note telling the band what they have meant to us over the years and placing our "autographs" on it. I am so glad to have the opportunity to hand the tag to Justin at the end of the show.
Click here for the venues and set list performed on this tour.

George, Carol, Linda, Debra, Deb, Eddie, Homer plus tons of familiar faces and friends

Memories: Homer's first, I paid his way to deliver Carol. Homer is a C&W kind of guy, but loved the show. Beautiful theater. Carol tried to get the 'Natural Avenue' album back stage, but to no avail. I told Carol not to worry. We saw the first of 2 shows. The 2nd show had a very enthusiastic female fan walk up on stage during 'Slide Zone' and try and slide one on John. A great evening.

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