Had a 10:00 tee time and we were In Search for the Lost Ball. Great new golf course designed by Hale Irwin, cold morning, wound up a beautiful day, In a few years once the new trees take growth, this will be an awesome golf course. I lost 3 balls, Nathan 2, and Carol 2

Off to do a little gambling, soon, we were In Search for Lost Money. Largest Casino between Vegas and Atlantic City, really did not like the shuttle, to and from the casino to the different hotels on the property, much more comfortable to 'stay' at the casino, really enjoyed our room overlooking the golf course though.

That evening, showtime, In Search for the Lost Chord. The 'theater' was basically designed for boxing, a kind of 'in the round' thing, the sound was much better than i thought it would be. Typical casino show, with the comp seats up front, hard to really get things going with the high rollers.

Great show, as always, A Moodies show is just like golf, any day you are able to play golf is a GREAT DAY, any day you can see the Moodies is a GREAT SHOW. I am totally amazed at these guys and how they are able to do it night after night. I woke up with a bad tooth ache the day before we left and had to go see my dentist on the spur of the moment, and still had the ache for several days, and then once at the casino I ate something that did not agree with me and frankly was miserable. With that in mind, For these guys to go out 30 to 45 days at a time, and have a possible health problem occur, there certainly will be shows where they are not 100 %.

What a great band,, Golf, Gambling, Moodies What else can there Be?

Click here for the venues and set list performed on this tour. Thanks to Linda Bangert and Neil Ottenstein

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Well it's Branson, what can I say. Never have been very fond of the town. Maybe it is all the continuous traffic, and you wonder, why? The LW Theater is nice, acoustics were grand. We played golf for both days playing behind Andy Williams one of the days. It was interesting visiting with him on the #1 tee box.

I never will get tired of seeing 2 shows at a time. They all are really different, even in the same venue. The band just seems to get better.

Click here for the venues and set list performed on this tour. Thanks to Linda Bangert and Neil Ottenstein