Graphic by John "Glassguy" and pictures by Pat Watt, Fla. Thanks Mag for a great Super Fan Club gathering!

The show was great in Dallas, but not really impressed with the sound in the theater, I Don't think the new state -of-the-art theater is really that impressive.

I was impressed by the DJ's at the beginning of the show asking how many people attending was seeing the Moodies for the first time. There were quite a few hands that went up, many more than I would have thought. so I guess when you stop and think about all of us complaining about the set list, and how many people have not even heard the set list, it's hard to figure just what to do with the set list, I am just really glad that there is touring taking place, and that we all have had the chance to enjoy a show one more time. Great to see everyone in Dallas!

The show was in an outdoor ampatheater and I would guess at showtime the temperature was 100 degrees and 100% humidity. It was definitely hot. Still a great show. We really enjoyed our stay on the Riverwalk.

Pictured above is Carol and I enjoying a few Margaritas, with Nathan, and of course he was our designated "walker".

We stayed an extra night and were awakened at about 11:30 from a margarita daze. Our room overlooked the river and the 2 main streets in SA. That night the Spurs won the 3rd basketball playoff game in Detroit. The happiness of just winning the 3rd game overflowed into the streets.

There were easily 100's if not a thousand cars, bumper to bumper, people hanging out of them, hollaring, honking horns, running up and down the road, and many proud San Antonio chicks showing what they had. This went on for several hours. quite an intense party. My son Nathan kept wanting to go down, and I assured him the best place to be was on our balcony overlooking the festivities. needless to say we did not get much sleep Sunday night, neither did anyone else in SA.

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