The British are Coming!

The British are Coming!

The English invaded Lake Tenkiller this last month, seeking a home and video footage for the popular British television program "A Place in the Sun," produced through Freeform Productions Ltd. The program follows British couples as they look for homes throughout the world. About a month ago, Val took a call from London, inquiring about property and the area, saying they produce a top London TV show, My first thoughts were….. Are they for real? They certainly were and after much e-mail and over sea calls, Craig Brooks, the producer and Lucy Davy his assistant show up at our front door.

The production and video crew, all relatively young, live a life most people can only dream about. They travel to interesting and, in some cases, exotic locations, including South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean. While eating lunch together I noticed they could have easily been mistaken for a group of college students. They are familiar with each other, as they have produced more than 300 programs.  Today, the program has several crews out canvassing the World. This crew filmed at Grand Lake, Claremore, Bartlesville, Owasso, Tulsa, Tahlequah, and Lake Tenkiller

I met up with the crew on the Dam, they had already set up on the small shoulder of the highway and it wasn't long before a Corp Ranger showed up wondering what was going on. It quickly became clear why they wanted a local guy running around with them. From the dam we went into the State Park and spent several hours filming the lake, beach areas, and campers. The list changed drastically from what we set out to see.

We then went to Ridge Route winding up at the infamous guard rail overlook. The crew was overwhelmed with the view; a comment was made that this reminded them of New Zealand. The producer Craig immediately decided to film the opening of the show here instead of where it was previously done. Listening to Amanda Lamb, the shows star presenter, recite here opening lines declaring Oklahoma as one of the World's most beautiful and unknown destinations, made me quite proud.

Next, we traveled to Six Shooter Marina and Skipper's Restaurant for a very late lunch. Amanda was shocked at the size of the Chef Salad served to her at Skipper's. She said that in England, that size serving would have been served to feed the entire family. I believe the only thing Amanda did not like about Oklahoma were the chiggers that she had been introduced to.  The crew filmed on the Marina, while I helped Granpa Frank bring in a couple of nice catfish.

Hurriedly, we traveled over to the top of Cookson Bluff where the crew filmed several boats with skiers. Of course the vantage point there is just about as good as being in an airplane. For some reason, we went in search of cows with a scenic view behind them. Not hard to find just off Indian Road. Craig saw what he wanted and we proceeded to the home to ask permission. I enjoyed watching the homeowners expressions as Craig asked to film her cows with his thick English accent.   

With evening approaching we made it back around to the dam where Craig wanted to film the swimming area again, but the shadows of the day escaping us would not allow it. What a whirlwind of a day! I was totally exhausted wondering how they do it every day. We all said our good byes and the crew headed back to Tulsa where some were traveling to Venice and others were going to Virginia. How much of Lake Tenkiller will make the cut? Who knows, I guess we will find out next January when the show is slated to air in London.

The World truly is becoming a smaller place.

Amanda Lamb

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Dateline: July 3, 2003

Written by George Harris

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